About us!

With more than a decade of experience in the cultivation of olive trees and the production of extra virgin olive oil, we decided to expand our operations to also include the packaging of our product.

The sole reason for this development is rather straightforward: this is the only way for us to ensure that our extra virgin olive oil will reach all of you in its purest form, without any admixtures, and with its excellent quality and taste intact.

Thus, Cecrops, our company, achieves the culmination of the long process that precedes the actual packaging: starting from the moment the olive tree is planted, using organic-friendly and eco-friendly methods to help it grow strong and come to fruition, until finally picking the olives, and using exclusively cold-extraction, this all makes it possible for us to proudly offer you our extra virgin olive oil.

Our vision is to establish the Cecrops brand name as a seal of quality, guarantee and honesty: extra virgin olive oil of standardized quality, produced using solely processes that guarantee its taste and reliability, working with our Greek ‘meraki’ and honest and true love for this amazing product of our lands.

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About our name!

Cecrops – the name of the mythical Greek figure Cecrops, or, following the Greek pronunciation: Kekropas.

Intuitively, the name was chosen based on geographical criteria: we are based in the Municipality of Koropi. The Municipality was first established in 1840 under the name ‘Cecrops’, which, through time, first morphed into ‘Kropia’ and later into the current ‘Koropi’. The initial name of the region was not arbitrarily chosen, since it is linked to the mythical figure of Cecrops – ‘Kekropas’ – who is believed to have settled, as then king of Athens, the godly dispute between Athena and Poseidon by choosing the olive tree offered by the goddess, resulting also in the naming of Athens.
Thus, in an attempt to intertwine history and legend, we decided to use the name Cecrops, as a small gesture of honor and respect towards the culture of our land and home.

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