How we produce our extra virgin olive oil

Olive Picking

Each Autumn we reap the fruit of our toil: the olives that we so meticulously took care of during the rest of the year. Our thorough knowledge on the timely execution of the appropriate agricultural interventions and their effects on our olive trees enable us to produce the supreme quality olive oil that we at Cecrops are so proud of. Olive picking is our moment of truth; picking healthy olives from our trees is what brings us joy. During this process, our love manifests in the way we pick our olives, taking care not to hurt the olive trees. Speed is not quintessential; quality is. That is why we take good care – with ‘meraki’, as we like to say – of this healing golden fluid that thrives on our lands since the Ancient Greek times, thus honouring all those who have passed on to us the secrets of this craft.

The olives that will be used to produce the early harvest olive oil are picked first (early harvest) for them to maintain their unique composition and give the oil its wonderful green colour. They will yield a product of the highest quality, our tremendous early harvest olive oil with its signature taste and therapeutic qualities.

Then comes the time to pick those olives that will produce our extra virgin olive oil, the par excellence olive oil that is widely used in gastronomy and is praised by experts for its high nutritional value.     

Olive Press

Cold extraction, solely with mechanical means.

Quality Control

Sampling. Quality control in certified laboratory. Quality certificates. 


Bottling our olive oil to ensure composition and supreme quality when it reaches you.

Cultivation of our olive trees

Pruning of olive trees. Fertilization and cleaning of fields. Preparing for next fall. Grafting with specific olive varieties to increase and improve production.