The company and the story behind our name

Who we are

Cecrops specializes in the production of premium quality extra virgin olive oil and early harvest extra virgin olive oil.

We strictly follow the requirements and standards that make our products be of the highest quality.

The supreme quality of our extra virgin olive oils is the culmination of an effort that started many years ago, instilled by our philosophy to use solely organic methods and techniques, not only for the cultivation of our olive trees, but throughout the production process.

Our dedication to produce and deliver supreme quality extra virgin olive oil also guides our methods of standardization, bottling, storage and transportation of our products, aiming always to bring to our customers pure, clean, and intact products, wherever in the world our customers may be.

Cecrops is all about supreme quality. Our concentrated production is closely monitored in every step, which enables us to produce, year after year, extra virgin olive oil that is defined by its clean, organic production, its supreme quality, and its signature taste. This is what we strive to deliver to our customers.

Respecting our history, nature, and the people that we work with or deliver our products to, we offer only the best of our production. Always eager to improve, meet new people, and offer our products to all of you, the food connoisseurs and olive oil enthusiasts.


Cecrops – the name of the mythical Greek figure Cecrops, or, in the Greek language: Kekropas

Intuitively, the name was selected with geographical criteria: we are based in the Municipality of Koropi. The Municipality was first established in 1840 under the name ‘Cecrops’, which, through time, first morphed into ‘Kropia’ and later into the current ‘Koropi’. The initial name of the region was not arbitrarily chosen since it is the name of the mythical figure Cecrops – in Greek ‘Kekropas’ – who was the king of the settlement that was later to become Athens. One day, as the myth tells us, Cecrops was presented with a dilemma by the gods Athena and Poseidon as he was to declare one of the two gods protector of his community. To settle this dispute, each god presented Cecrops with a present for his people: Athena offered him an olive tree, symbolizing the power of the land and its beautiful gifts, while Poseidon offered him a rock from which salt water was pouring, symbolizing the conquered might of the sea. Cecrops was firm in his decision. He chose the olive tree and Athena took it upon herself to protect Cecrops’ settlement, which was to also be named after her and would from then on be known as Athens, the city that stands in its place until today.

The myth also describes Cecrops’ ancestry, tracing his birthplace in the lands that we at Koropi inhabit today. That is why our town is named after this mythical king, to honour not only his rule, but also his  choice between the two godly gifts: the olive tree. A tree that we have learned to love since our birth, growing up around fields of olive trees and having the extra virgin olive oil as an integral ingredient of our diet. These trees, with their unique fruits and their ‘fluid gold’ juices are a gift that we feel the need to share with all of you and spread as best as we can.

Having all this in mind, choosing a name was an easy decision: Cecrops. In an attempt to intertwine history and legend, the images of our childhood and the myths we were brought up with, we chose the name Cecrops as a small gesture of honour and respect towards the culture of our land and our home. We couldn’t be happier to share and be part of this amazing story.